Sunday, March 2, 2014

Walkers Step it Up on Skye!

A gale of a day, with trees leaning and stinging rain,
will never deter this group of diehards.
Tramping over the hills on Skye is nothing new. There are so many intrepid walkers here, it might seem odd if you don't froth at the mouth without your daily dose of fresh air and leg work...but I find keeping a date with a group of fellow enthusiasts once a week is a social engagement that rewards me with much more than my own company.

Next to singing, there is nothing I like better than to walk and if I walk, I am usually talking to myself. Too many hours at home see me introspecting, meditating, and generally being silent as tombs. As noted in other posts, it is not unusual to see me grasping desperately at the chance to converse with sheep, cattle, chickens, dogs, cats, birds and any critter who passes my way--'Carpe' is my walking motto: carpe dog, carpe tree, carpe anything that moves, and blether, blether, blether. How rare to have a group of humans with which to share general information, personal stories, and even troubles. I have also accumulated a valuable cache of local history from my fellow walkers.

Just lean into it, ladies.

Partners for Wellbeing (PfW) are a registered charity that is supported by the National Health Service, Paths for All, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Inverness Common Good Fund.  PfW recruits volunteer walk leaders, who are trained to run weekly health walks in local communities in the Highlands. On Skye, there are groups in Lochalsh, Dunvegan and Portree. Sue Wood, of Roskhill, is our trusty leader in Portree and Dunvegan.

There is no lack of beautiful walks on Skye and they always end with a warm tearoom and hot cuppa something...and of course, the chatter of beautiful birds revelling in their strong bones and muscles, clarified brain power, and relaxed attitudes.

If you want to save your marriage, plump up your skin, and feel beautiful, start walking!

Our Step It Up Highland leader, Sue Woods, is second from right.

Step it Up Highland news and photos are on PfW's excellent website:

Bring your fellow or any companion that loves the outdoors and step up your life!