Friday, June 20, 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted...or...Make Lemonade...

My first week here in Portland, Oregon, was splashed with colors of early summer - the Rose Parade events drew huge crowds from all over the world. The NW Portland Hostel Guesthouse was a new experience for me and I reveled in my early morning coffee and bread that they provided, because it put me smack in the middle of the backpackers and other international travelers. I continually surprise myself these days by seeking out the company of other humans. Even on Skye, you may remember, I often relished the group activities - though nothing takes the place of critters. Here in Portland, they show up whenever I do and for that, I am ever grateful.

 Creatures of another sort are plentiful in the city.
 The various Farmers Markets provide fantastic epicurean treats and music fills the streets and green spaces.

Portland Rose Garden out-blossomed the parade and continues to attract flower children, who just can't get enough olfactory pleasure and bury their faces into bush after bush - stopping only to point the camera at particular  fancies.
Right next door is the serenity of the Japanese Gardens, which is welcome after the masses of flower lovers. 

Below is the beauty that took my breath away.

The Sellway Bridge, near my lodgings, allows for a photo op of the majestic Willamette River - Lewis and Clark country.

Just turn around and the green and clean city of Portland peeks over the tranquil river.

...and of course, I've maintained that I am still on Skye in my heart, so why shouldn't I run across some wee ones practicing in the park on the way home?

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